A few amusing results from the Shipwrecked Against Humanity deck.  Just click the link and see the card. Click on the card to get a new result!


I thought it’d be easier to combine all the submissions I made during the KitR ‘fanonization’ process, and posted them all on Archive of Our Own (AO3).  I’m not the first one, either!  So if you’re looking for more KitR fic, just click on the ‘Fandom’ link and see what else your fellow fans have written!


I’m done explaining why fanfic is okay.


Note: this post was originally made in 2010 in response to Diana Gabaldon’s epic rant about fanfiction. The original version is still being updated. I’m reposting it to Tumblr by request, but if you have any additions, please feel free to drop a comment at LJ so they can be added to the masterpost!

Dear Author of the Week,

You think fanfic is a personal affront to the many hours you’ve spent carefully crafting your characters. You think fanfic is “immoral and illegal.” You think fanfiction is just plagiarism. You think fanfiction is cheating. You think fanfic is for people who are too stupid/lazy/unimaginative to write stories of their own. You think there are exceptions for people who write published derivative works as part of a brand or franchise, because they’re clearly only doing it because they have to. You’re personally traumatized by the idea that someone else could look at your characters and decide that you did it wrong and they need to fix it/add original characters to your universe/send your characters to the moon/Japan/their hometown. You think all fanfic is basically porn. You’re revolted by the very idea that fic writers think what they do is legitimate.

We get it. 

Congratulations! You’ve just summarily dismissed as criminal, immoral, and unimaginative each of the following Pulitzer Prize-winning writers and works:

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A long read, but in case you’ve ever needed responses for who does fanfic?  Read this thorough, but still non-exhaustive list of Prize-winning authours, playwrights, and creators who are — whether they know it or not — fanficcers.

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I Didn’t Write This | Ep. 8: Dark Sonnet by Neil Gaiman

I Didn’t Write This is a new literary adaptation series in which I adapt and direct excerpts of poetry and literature written by other people. New episodes once a month, usually. Subscribe, maybe? 

Directed by Yulin Kuang

Starring Whitney Milam

Voiceover by Mary Kate Wiles

Shot by Alyssa Brocato

The latest video produced by the talented Yulin Kuang and sonnet by the ever-talented Neil Gaiman. 



I made a new friend and we soon discovered a mutual love of certain web series and I recommended Kissing in the Rain.

She just told me she is 10 eps in and loves it, but wishes they were longer. Conversion, successful

Just get her writing fic and her fall to the dark sidefandom will be complete!

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Not too many achievements unlocked in Episode 7. Lots of failed ones given the Eli-Rory communications/relationship problems.
In honor of (almost-Dr.) Frankenstein’s advice:

Not too many achievements unlocked in Episode 7. Lots of failed ones given the Eli-Rory communications/relationship problems.

In honor of (almost-Dr.) Frankenstein’s advice:


Spy AU: Operation: Las Vegas

Authour’s note: This particular bit of crackfic combines details from The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet and the Webseries Spy AU notion, courtesy of Clavisa.  

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, dear.”  And those are eight words you never want to hear your mother say. 

— Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Ep. 76 “Wishing Something Universal”

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Canon vs. Cannon


Headcanon: The Emma Approved Documentary

The meme around an EA/LBD crossover seems to involve Emma planning the Darcy-Bennet wedding.  But the final episode yields an alternative:

Alex: You know, I think you have quite a bit of footage for a pretty exciting documentary already.

Emma: Actually, I’ve been sending copies to a production company and they completely agree!

Headcanon: The production company in question is called Illuminating Media, a recent arrival to the new media production landscape, based out of San Francisco.  A certain redhead CEO with more than a little experience of documenting one’s life on video has been reviewing the footage with an eye on producing a documentary for Emma.

Working title: The Illuminating Media Emma Woodhouse Documentary. The fact that it can be shortened to ‘The IM Emma Woodhouse Documentary’ is a bonus. (I am Emma Woodhouse – get it?)


Marriet Achievements for Episode 72!